Home Warranty's Service Techs Suggest Repairs Couple Felt Weren't Necessary

Couple hired private plumber after getting different stories from home warranty service techs

What to Know

  • Couple heard three different stories from three different plumbing repair companies.
  • All three companies were sent out by the couple's home warranty company.
  • The couple's own plumber later inspected to find none of the problems found by the first three plumbers.

A pipe breaks in a Garland family’s home and they go through several different plumbers, all with a different story of what’s wrong with their house.

All the repairs were costly, but the family just wasn’t buying it.

Mark and Laura Grenier had a leak in a pipe right behind their hot water heater.

Their home warranty company sent out a plumber who easily made the repair.

Days later, a repair man came to close up the wall the pipe was in and discovered a whole new leak.

They called the home warranty company back and this time a new plumber was sent out, but this plumber claimed it was impossible to get to that pipe without removing the hot water heater.

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In order to put it back they would have to pay for costly repairs to get the water heater up to code.

"According to the master plumber who saw it, I said 'what do you see on our hot water that’s against code?' He said nothing," said Mark Grenier.

The home warranty company sent out yet another company, this one said the water heater didn’t need to be moved but said the water pressure coming into their home was way too high and would need a costly regulator to bring it down to acceptable levels.

"I said that’s just fantastic, but I’m telling you right now I have a hard time believing anything your folks are saying to me," said Laura Grenier.

Out of fear their second leak was about to blow the pipe the couple paid out of pocket to have their own plumber come out.

He could access the pipe with no issue, saw no code violations on the hot water heater, and says the pressure coming into the house was not off the charts.

He repaired the whole thing in a matter of hours for just over $200.

It’s money they felt they shouldn’t have to pay with coverage from a home warranty.

NBC 5 reached out to the company and they told us "in order to provide our customers with affordable home warranties, our coverage is limited to the terms of our contract."

We explained the matter should have been covered under the warranty and pointed it out to them.

Less than a half hour later Laura and Mark got a phone call refunding the $200 they had spent out of pocket.

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