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Cell Carrier Switch Didn't Go Smoothly; NBC 5 Responds

Competition is growing with the amount of people looking to provide you service for your smartphone.

Companies are offering lot of incentives to convince you to switch to them but what happens when they don’t live up to their promises?

John reached out to us after walking into a cellphone store and being convinced to switch to a new provider.

NBC 5 Responds

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He was told his bill would go down – and they would pay all the fees his old company would charge to make the change.

But he never got that payment. He talked to people in the store and customer service for weeks.

He’s not the only one, we’ve had three other people contact NBC 5 Responds in the past two weeks with the exact same problem.

All the companies we talked to claimed it was a miscommunication, error, or oversight and it shouldn’t have happened.

When NBC5 Responds got involved the problem was solved and the bills were paid as promised.

If switching cell carriers, go into the new store with copies of your current bill.

Call your current company and ask for what your final payment will be, and bring that amount to the new company.

Tell them up front what they will have to pay and ask for a specific date when it will be paid and who to contact at corporate if not.

Each time contacts in the store mysteriously disappeared.

You can also contact NBC 5 Responds. 

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