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An even exchange left an AT&T customer with a large bill; how NBC 5 Responds resolved it

When a Texas customer's even exchange ended with a bill for thousands of dollars, she called NBC 5 Responds for help

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Lynne Kling went to an AT&T Store in Fort Worth last year to exchange a broken Apple Watch. "We walked out of the store, did not purchase anything, did not order anything," Kling said. But, after the visit, she received a bill for nearly $2,000.

Kling called AT&T customer service and she was told that she'd authorized the charges. "I was really treated more like a criminal than a victim," she said.

Kling later discovered that her account was left open on a terminal at the store and some else's charges were added.

"I turned in numerous claims to the fraud department, was constantly on the phone, and was trying to research who I could elevate this to," she said.

No one Kling spoke with could correct the error, so she reach out to NBC 5 Responds for help. We contacted AT&T and they removed the charges, saying, in a statement: "This was an unfortunate mistake at one of our retail stores. We have apologized to Mrs. Kling for the inconvenience and corrected her bill."

Kling warns others to make sure your account is closed on any terminal when visiting a store, even if you don't buy anything.

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