Zo Named New Heat VP, Beasley’s Babysitter

Alonzo Mourning is the Heat's new vice president of player programs

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Sometimes you have to read between the lines. And then there are times when the message is right out there in front of you.

The Miami Heat announced that Alonzo Mourning has been named the team's new vice president of player programs. Sounds good until you check his duties: support and mentoring players and helping them develop on and off the court.

In short, keep Michael Beasley out of rehab and off Twitter. We don't envy you, Zo.

Sure the Heat has a bunch of young players, but you can bet Zo won't leave Beasley's side, even during SpongeBob marathons.

The made up position is really just to make official what Zo has been doing for years in the organization. Zo has done a great job as mentor to Dwyane Wade, but this undoubtedly will be his biggest task.

You can bet those muscles will be put to the test wrestling Beasley away from his action figures or making him wake up earlier than 2 p.m. to make training camp meetings next week.

Pat Riley has hitched his last ride on Beasley much like he did when he brought Zo to Miami decades ago. And despite it only being Beasley's sophomore season, this might be the make or break year for the prodigy.

So you can't blame Riles for making Zo his ultimate insurance policy to make sure Beasley doesn't fall.

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