Nephew of Man Slain While Biking East Coast to Finish Trip

Kevin Adorno planned to propose to his girlfriend after finishing the second stretch of a bike ride down the East Coast.

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The 10-year-old nephew of a Connecticut man who was slain on a bike ride from Maryland to Florida has vowed to finish what his uncle started.

Family members say Kevin Adorno was on the second stretch of a bike ride down the East Coast from Maine to Florida and was planning to propose to his girlfriend at the end. Just 140 miles from his destination he was fatally stabbed in Vero Beach, Florida on Labor Day. In his obituary published in the Courant, Kevin Adorno is remembered as an artist and athlete with an infectious laugh. On Sunday, friends and family gathered to celebrate his memory.

Sebby Adorno was there working to raise funds to ride those last 140 miles for “Uncle Kevin.”

Sebby was selling T-shirts designed by his uncle which read “Roll hArd or Go home.” Kevin’s family says this was the philosophy he lived by – to always be passionate about what you’re doing, to put positive rage in your heart.

Sebby is also collecting donations on a GoFundMe page. His goal is to raise $5,000, which will be used to rent bicycles and cover the costs associated with organizing the ride. He invites others to join him in honoring his Uncle Kevin and will use part of the money to fund anyone who cannot afford the ride on their own.

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