New Yahoo CEO Expecting Baby Boy

Googler Marissa Mayer tweets she's "incredibly excited" about new Yahoo role

Marissa Mayer’s new job running Yahoo wasn’t the only big news she revealed — she’s pregnant too.

The prominent Googler tapped as president and chief executive for Yahoo told Fortune magazine that she is expecting a baby boy with her husband, lawyer-turned-investor Zachary Bogue.

"He's super-active," Mayer told Fortune. "He moves around a lot. My doctor says that he takes after his parents."

Mayer, 37, said she told Yahoo about her pregnancy in June and planned to work for the Sunnyvale-based Internet firm throughout her “few weeks long” maternity leave, Fortune reported.

Mayer starts her new job today as Yahoo's fifth CEO in five years, and said in a tweet that she was "incredibly excited" for the role. 

Her hiring comes after the company fired Carol Bartz, who in turn, replaced Jerry Yang.

On its website, Yahoo! said Mayer's appointment signals a "renewed focus on product innovation to drive user experience and advertising revenue for one of the world's largest consumer Internet brands."

Most recently, Mayer, 37, was responsible for Local, Maps, and Location Services for Google, the company's suite of local and geographical products including Google Maps, Google Earth, Zagat, Street View, and local search, for desktop and mobile. Mayer joined Google in 1999 as its 20th employee and led efforts for many of Google's most recognizable products, including the development of its flagship search product and iconic homepage for over 10 years. Mayer managed some of Google's most successful innovations, launching more than 100 features and products including image, book and product search, toolbar, iGoogle, Google News, and Gmail — creating much of the "look and feel" of the Google user experience.

Before that, Mayer received her B.S. in Symbolic Systems and her M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, specializing in artificial intelligence for both degrees. She is credited as an inventor on several patents in artificial intelligence and interface design.
Yahoo! Co-Founder David Filo said, "Marissa is a well-known, visionary leader in user experience and product design and one of Silicon Valley's most exciting strategists in technology development. I look forward to working with her to enhance Yahoo's product offerings for our over 700 million unique monthly visitors."

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