“X-Factor” Meltdown Stuns Simon Cowell, Causes Fight

Even Simon Cowell can still be shocked by contestants who land before him on reality talent shows.

On a recent episode of Britian's "X-Factor," a show similar in format to "American Idol," two teenage girls gave the crowd on hand four minutes for the ages, according to Time.

Abbey Johnson and Lisa Parker, singing under the name Ablisa, came on stage a bit nervous, but engaging.

"We just wanna, like, wanna live the dream," Johnson said. "We just wanna get on the stage, be ourselves, show our personalities."

But before they could even start their performance, Johnson walked off stage and Parker told the crowd to shut up.  

After getting through an off-tune rendition of Shayne Ward's "That's My Goal," Johnson told Cowell, who serves as a judge on the show, that his opinion didn't matter.

"You have the worst attitude of any contestants I have ever met on any of these shows," he shot back. "Seriously, seriously rude."

The girls then attacked singer Natalie Imbruglia, who contested that their singing "was not great."

"Who are you, may I ask?" retorted Parker.

Embarrassed, Johnson then punched Parker in the face and Parker flashed her middle finger at the crowd.

The YouTube video of the clip already has over 3 million views since first appearing online over Labor Day weekend.

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