Woo Boy: The First “Dictator” Trailer Comes Out Swinging

How do you out-shock "Borat" and "Bruno"? Sacha Baron Cohen aims to find out.

We finally have our first look at his latest "The Dictator," and if you thought appearing in musicals and "Hugo" softened his willingness to offend you to within an inch of your life, you are mistaken.

It's tough to get a handle on the movie through these brief clips - some jokes are funny, others a little jarring - but it's not like you could exactly boil down "Borat" in a 1:30.

We're curious, which is the point, after all...

 What The Fulhumachahajamaabelia? indeed.

"The Dictator" opens everywhere May 11, 2012. FInding a theater will be easy enough, just follow the sea of outrage.

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