Woman Tweets She Wants Weed, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Responds

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office experienced viral Internet fame after replying to a woman who tweeted that she wanted someone to deliver her some weed.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @Rosa_Sparkz tweeted Thursday afternoon, "Somebody bring me weed, I'll pay for it."

PBCSO offered to take her up on the deal, directly replying, "Where should we meet you?"

That prompted an offer by @Rosa_Sparkz to provide her location.

PBCSO Twitter

According to her Twitter and ask.fm profiles, @Rosa_Sparkz aka "Jasmine" is a "twenty-something." Based upon replies from her followers, it is unclear whether she actually resides in Palm Beach County, although an earlier report from NBC affiliate WFLA indicated that her profile placed her in Jupiter. Based upon her responses, "Jasmine" seems rather unfazed by the sudden Internet fame.


As of Friday morning, PBCSO's now-viral tweet had been retweeted close to 30,000 times and favorited 25,000 times.

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