Tennessee Woman Drives Into Oncoming Traffic to Avoid Going to NJ

Amber Johnson hit a Port Authority police officer as she drove against traffic

A Tennessee woman injured a Port Authority police officer when she drove into oncoming traffic to avoid going through the Lincoln Tunnel into New Jersey Sunday night, police said.

Amber Johnson, 30, of Clarksville, was driving in Manhattan traffic toward the Lincoln Tunnel when she apparently told Port Authority police officers she did not want to continue westbound to New Jersey.  

Police told Johnson to continue through the tunnel, but she ignored them and reportedly turned into oncoming traffic. 

She hit one Port Authority police officer as she drove against traffic. The officer was treated for a wrist injury at a hospital, Port Authority police said. 

Johnson continued driving against traffic across an underpass at 39th Street and 40th Street, and ran a red light before being stopped near Times Square, police said.

Johnson was arrested and charged with assault, unlawfaul fleeing and other traffic violations.

Attorney information for her was not immediately available.  

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