Widow of Grateful Dead's Longtime Lawyer Auctions Rare Items

The widow of the Grateful Dead's longtime lawyer is auctioning off treasures from their long strange trip with the psychedelic rock-and-roll band.

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Stremmel Auctions
Stremmel Auctions
Created in 1982, "the 'Telephone Booth' was a favorite artwork of Jerry Garcia's, who enjoyed placing phone calls from the surreal artwork. This artwork led to the Grateful Dead's commissioning of Jan Sawka in 1989 to design a backdrop for their 25th Anniversary Tour," according to Stremmel Auctions.
Stremmel Auctions
Preserved behind glass, the original wedding invitation to Jerome Garcia and Deborah Koons ceremony includes the card and rose from the ceremony that took place on February 14, 1994.
Stremmel Auctions
The auction includes 10 exact replica Grateful Dead conference chairs. The letters "GD" are carved into each chair along with acorns and oak leaves.
Stremmel Auctions
This is a never before published Grateful Dead Radio Hour poster. The ink and watercolor on paper artwork by Jan Sawka dates back to 1990.
Stremmel Auctions
According to the Stremmel Auctions site, this banner was in the "10 story continuous sequence installation that was created by Polish artist Jan Sawka and executed by Ronald V. Strang and Superior Backing Studios, Hollywood" and appeared in the band's 1989 tour.
Stremmel Auctions
The banners were featured in the 1989 25th Anniversary Grateful Dead shows.
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