Wednesday Watch List: WORLD SERIESNESS!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch at home while you buy yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack. Seriously though, why does Cracker Jack have a stranglehold on the baseball market? Fiddle Faddle and Crunch N Munch CRUSH it. Just blow it away. And Moose Crunch slaps it around like a little girl. LET’S GO!

WORLD SERIES – 7:57PM (FOX) The Fall Classic starts tonight with a refreshingly early Game 1 starting right before 8 p.m. I’ll be darned if you might be able to watch the whole thing if you live on the East Coast. Game One comes to you from lovely AT&T Park on the San Francisco Bay. The last time the Giants were in the World Series, they lost in seven to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Greater Southern California of the Western Territories. The Giants haven’t won a World Series since 1954. And they’ve NEVER won a World Series since moving to San Francisco in 1958. The Rangers, meanwhile, have never played in a World Series, much less won one. So either way, one fanbase is going to have a very long and well-earned celebration sometime next week. Your starting pitchers are the red hot Cliff Lee (TEX) and Tim Lincecum (SF), who pitched the fourth most dominant game of all time earlier this postseason, according to advanced metrics (is there any other kind of metric?). So if you’re gonna tune in, don’t wait until Game 5 or 6. This first game might end up being the signature matchup. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

DAILY SHOW – 11:00PM (Comedy Central) The President stops by tonight before Jon Stewart’s rally, presumably to praise the idea of the rally before Stewart, in turn, doles out the compliments. If you’re looking for a perfect summation of this election season, by all means rely on this article from The Onion. It’s fake news, and yet it’s so very, very true. ANTICIPATION: CHIEFY!

I’D DO ANYTHING – 9:00PM (BBC America) New reality series: Hundreds of wannabe theater stars try out for the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End revival of the classic musical “Oliver!” Webber’s touch to the show? Oliver will be a CAT. On ROLLER SKATES. Who becomes QUEEN OF ARGENTINA. Tell me you aren’t dazzled. ANTICIPATION: ONE SINGULAR CATSATION!

THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY – 9:00PM (Food Network) Tonight’s battle is for who makes the best chicken fried steak. It took me 28 years to realize that chicken fried steak had no chicken in it. That’s what I get for bein’ born a Yankee. ANTICIPATION: HEART ATTACK!

CRIMINAL MINDS – 9:00PM (CBS) The team tracks down a Detroit killer who strikes every year on “Devil’s Night,” the night before Halloween. I wish real serial killers were this creative in real life. ANTICIPATION: STAB STAB!

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