Collin County

Plano Man Rallies Collin County Fire Departments to Donate Equipment to Ukraine

Several fire departments donated in support of Ukrainian firefighters

This week, a Ukrainian fire department received a generous donation all thanks to the help of one Plano man and several Collin County fire departments.

In early April, Sergii Nozhka, a Plano resident and Ukraine native, reached out to Mayor George Fuller of McKinney to share his cousin's experience as a firefighter during the Ukraine-Russian war.

According to Nozhka's plea, the fire department needed a number of supplies as they continued to serve the Ukrainian community.

After receiving his message, the city quickly pulled together the requested equipment with donations from the McKinney, Lavon, Weston, and Princeton fire departments.

Officials say 17 helmets in addition to the requested supplies were donated.

In a Facebook post shared on Monday, the McKinney Fire Department expressed its gratitude for being able to help "fellow firefighters" and Nozhka confirmed they received the supplies this week.

"The fire service goes beyond politics and borders," said McKinney Fire Chief Danny Kistner. "It is a family, and we are honored to have been able to help the firefighters in Ukraine as they struggle to do their jobs."  

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