Bodies of Mother, Daughter Found Hanging in Brockton, Mass.

Officials confirm the bodies were found at 17 Morgan St.

A community is in shock after the bodies of a mother and daughter were found hanging Friday in the basement of their Brockton, Massachusetts, home.

Overcome with emotion, family and friends of 32-year-old Ariana Rosa-Soares and her 9-year-old daughter, Marley Soares, tried to comfort one another as police worked to determine what happened.

"Monday was the last time that I talked to her, and she seemed fine," said Ariana's close friend Claudia Gomes.

Gomes says Ariana had been having trouble recently with her ex-husband, Marley’s father, whom she divorced last year.

"They would get into arguments, and she would call me while she’s crying," said Gomes. "She has mentioned that she was going to kill herself, but this was a while ago, and I told her that that's not something to do because she has two kids."

The mother and daughter were found hanging in the basement of their Morgan Street home, police say. Rosa-Soares' other child, an 11-year-old daughter, had been dropped off at a friend's home.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz would only say this is a homicide investigation and he doesn’t believe the public is in any danger, but he did say there was a note left behind.

"There's some information that was written, and we're going to figure out who wrote it and see where we go from there," said Cruz.

"I guess she had mental problems," said Ariana's father, Jose Rosa, who added that his daughter was a certified nursing assistant with the elderly.

He said he saw her abusing her children in the past and said he begged for someone to help.

"At my house, like two years ago, she did, she grabbed my granddaughter and pushed her downstairs like a crazy," Rosa said. "I tried to help, and I called for help, they don't help me."

It was not immediately clear if the family had any history with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

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