“Twilight” Scribe Eying “Highlander” Remake? There Can Be Only One!

Thus far we've had three "Highlander" movies, a live-action series and a cartoon series, so a remake was inevitable.

Melissa Rosenberg, who's written all five "Twilight" films (and "Step Up"), is in talks to tackle a re-write of "Highlander," reported Heat Vision. Justin Lin, director of a couple of "Fast & Furious" movies, as well as the brilliant "Modern Warfare" episode of "Community," has already been hired to helm the film.

The 1986 original starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, is about an ageless swordsman from the Scottish Highlands who has a showdown with his arch-nemesis to determine which one will be granted immortality.

It was so perfectly, awesomely cheesy, and each subsequent iteration has been just wretched, that this latest development is disappointing news.

If it weren't for all the bad "Highlander" out there, we could maybe get excited about it, because it is the kind of story that definitely benefit from the huge improvements in movie-making magic over the years.

There can be only on!

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