Tuesday Watch List: Examining Who Killed Tupac

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and ask your kid how their first day of school was. They’ll say fine, and then you’ll prod them for specifics, and then they’ll fail to elaborate, and then you’ll get all huffy and be like I JUST WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER! Then they’ll take off and eat dinner in their room. Ah, youth. LET’S GO!

ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS – 8:00PM (ESPN) ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentary series continues with this look at the night of Tupac Shakur’s murder. Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas the night of a Mike Tyson/Bruce Seldon fight, and this documentary explores the relationship between the rapper and the fighter, along with the events leading up to Shakur’s tragic demise. Oddly enough, Shakur has been more successful in death since that night since Tyson has been in life. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

WIPEOUT – 8:00PM (ABC) What’s that? Thought the passage of Labor Day meant you got all new high quality programming from the main broadcast networks? Afraid not, kiddo. No, it’s still the summer dead zone as far as ABC and the rest are concerned. They can’t possibly give you good scripted programming more than five months a year! No one can be that original! Anyway, here’s a new episode of Wipeout featuring people being hit by “big moving balls”. No word on if that means they have to run between Jack Nicholson’s legs. ANTICIPATION: FALLING IN MUD!

MY TRIP TO AL QAEDA – 9:00PM (HBO) Documentarian Alex Gibery splices 9/11 documentary footage with author Lawrence Wright’s one-man play based on his book about the origins and growth of the notorious terrorist collective. I’m told there will not be any musical numbers. ANTICIPATION: SHOOTY!

NIGHTLINEPRIME: SECRETS OF YOUR MIND – WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – 10:00PM (ABC) For this installment of ABC’s exploration of the human mind (cue wave effect), Martin Bashir looks into the biology of overeating and meets with people who are trying to combat it, with techniques that include brain surgery. That’s right. Brain surgery to prevent overeating. And now you know just how powerful a Cheeto can be, much less an entire bag. ANTICIPATION: CUTTING!

THE DAILY SHOW – 11:00PM (Comedy Central) Apparently, this is one of the three nights a year where Jon Stewart and his staff are NOT on vacation. Seriously, even Letterman works more than these people do. Anyway, tonight’s new episode features an interview with Tim Gunn. Gotta love the Gunn. He’s always so dapper! And he didn’t write a book about politics. Bless his little heart. ANTICIPATION: WORKING!

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