Tuesday Watch List: Gordon Ramsay Plays Nice

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and prepare for President Obama’s appearance on “The View” in two days. Word is the man has a killer guacamole recipe to share with the gals. Plus tips for getting out those pesky grass stains. I can’t wait. LET’S GO!

MASTERCHEF – 9:00PM (FOX) Tonight, American viewers get a taste of the gentler Gordon Ramsay, the one who appears often on British TV but rarely turns up stateside. I think you’ll be shocked to learn Ramsay isn’t always a bastard, and is actually quite charming when he’s in the mood. This new series features Ramsay as mentor to a group of aspiring home chefs competing for a quarter million bucks and their own published cookbook. Your judges for this show include Joe Bastianich, son of that bald lady I see cooking all the time on PBS. Bastianich was just sued for not paying employees and hoarding tips, so there’ll still be plenty of that bastard element should that sort of thing appeal to you. ANTICIPATION: FOODY!

BREAKTHROUGH WITH TONY ROBBINS – 8:00PM (NBC) NBC’s new summer reality show features Tony Robbins and his terrifyingly large mouth giving life coaching to people in need. Tonight’s client is a man confined to a wheelchair, whose wife now serves as his primary caregiver. Something tells me listening to motivational tapes while he sleeps won’t quite be enough. ANTICIPATION: LITTLE MISTER SUNSHINE!

CUPCAKE WARS – 9:00PM (Food Network) Contestants are asked to create cupcakes from movie theater concession stand products. Oooh, nacho cupcake! They could make that happen! With Velveeta for frosting and sour salsa in the center! So wrong, yet so right. ANTICIPATION: CAKEY!

LOUIE – 11:00PM (FX) I was watching last week’s episode of “Louie,” and I realized that it played like DVD outtakes of an episode of a show I hadn’t seen. That’s the risk you run with a show as freeform as this one. Still well worth your time though. ANTICIPATION: A KISS ON THE LIPS BETWEEN DUDES!

THE LITTLE COUPLE – 9:00PM (TLC) Bill goes to Waterloo, Iowa to give a keynote presentation. Oh, like it’s a coincidence they sent a little person to WATERLOO. TV producers have a sick sense of humor, I tell you. ANTICIPATION: VERY SHORT PODIUMS!

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