‘Total Request Live' Is Coming Back to MTV

'90s kids, rejoice! Total Request Live, aka TRL, is coming back to television, according to The New York Times.

MTV's new president Chris McCarthy says he hopes the show’s reboot will draw viewers back to the network, which has struggled with low ratings in recent years.

The original version of TRL featured the newest music videos and celebrity guest stars. The revamped show will return to its iconic Times Square studio, where in the '90s fans would crowd outside for the chance to get on camera or get a spot in the studio audience.

The newer version will initially run an hour a day, with hopes that it will grow to two or three hours a day as the show develops.

Original TRL host Carson Daly will not be returning. Instead, the show will rely on five co-hosts, which include DC Young Fly, a rapper and comedian, and Erik Zachary, a Chicago radio host.

This is just one of the many changes McCarthy is making to the network. Another major change includes renaming the popular Moon Man trophy, which is awarded at the network’s annual award show, to Moon Person.

“Why should it be a man? It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist,” McCarthy told the New York Times.

The revival is set to go to air in October.

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