Three Gone on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Last night's episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" certainly went a long way towards thinning the herd.

In a surprise twist, host Donald Trump fired not one, but two, contestants...and the show wasn't finished there. Before the final boardroom meeting, Trump learned that NeNe Leakes, who famously battled Star Jones last week, had quit the show.

Trump, of course, handled the incident in typical Trumpian fashion, calling out Leakes as "a quitter" and saying she was fired too. He then further twisted the knife, adding, "And Star Jones kicked your a** whether you like it or not."

After that, Trump sent La Toya Jackson packing yet again, despite Jackson's triumphant comeback last episode (she was the first contestant ever allowed back after being fired).

Trump followed that by dropping the hammer on Jones, firing her for failing the OnStar challenge. He also ridiculed her for complaining that fellow contestant Meat Loaf called her "honey" and "sweetie," which she felt was derogatory.

"We have Meat Loaf, who I think everyone gets along with and you can't get along with him. What's wrong with you?" asked Trump, clearing forgetting the little art room incident.

John Rich and Lil Jon won the challenge.

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