Fleury Rose's Olympic-Ready Nail Art

Fleury Rose found inspiration in the Olympic rings for this surprisingly simple nail art look.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
The finished Olympic look—100% gold-medal material.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Trained in painting and fine art, we knew we could expect great things when we asked Fleury Rose—based out of Bushwick's uber-hip Tomahawk Salon—for her interpretation of Olympic nail art. Her knockout look takes inspiration from the colorful Olympic rings, and is surprisingly simple to achieve at home.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 1 Fleury prepped the nails by applying Illamasqua's base coat before painting the brand's bright "Muse" blue onto the pinky finger.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 2 Next, paint Illamasqua's neon "Rare" yellow to the ring finger.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 3 Fleury used Illamasqua's "Elope"—a bold green hue which perfectly matches the green shade in the Olympic rings—for the middle finger. Continue with Illamasqua's "Ruthless" red to pointer fingers and "Swinger" gold for the thumbs. Apply two coats of each color on both hands.
Catherine Blair pfander
Step 4 Next, create a French tip using Illamasqua's black "Scorn" polish. "The edges need to be extra 'smiley,'" Fleury advises, referring to the exaggerated curve of the edges.
Catherine Blair Pfander
While steadier hands might be able to handle the brush that comes with the polish, nail novices might find that pouring little blobs of paint onto foil and dabbing with a thin paint brush will allow for extra precision.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 5 Carefully go over the black tips to make sure lines are filled evenly. This may require two coats.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 6 Next, using your smaller paint brush, fill in the moons of each nail with a small black semi-circle.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 7 When the moons are filled in, clean up your edges with an orangewood stick wrapped in cotton. Shaky lines can also be smoothed with a paintbrush saturated in acetone traced around the edge of the nail. Allow polish to dry for at least five minutes before finishing with clear top coat and a dab of cuticle oil.
Catherine Blair Pfander
The finished Olympic look: 100% gold-medal material.
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