Fashion Couples: Best-Matched Pairs of 2010

Get ready for a double doozy. Here's a collection of this year's style stars—times two.

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Recently married, Katy Perry and Russell Brand's individual styles pair up quite impressively, with her poppy California girl ensembles having found their match in his British glam-rock aesthetic.
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The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection could easily double as the title for David Bowie and Iman's greatest hits.
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Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen know how to make men and women alike boil with jealousy. While the glamazon shows off her unbelievable post-baby physique (in Alexander Wang at the Met Ball), Brady swaps his football gear for a dashing tux.
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Lauren Bush and David Lauren don't just look the part—the newly-engaged duo has fashion in their genes: he's the son of Ralph Lauren and the executive VP of in charge of worldwide branding, communications and marketing at Polo, while she's the designer behind the line Lauren Pierce, as well as those do-gooding FEED bags.
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With his good looks and rugged style, and her glamorous and sexy red carpet frocks, Brad Pitt and Angelina are fast becoming a modern day Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (during the good times).
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We've seen them pull off matching black-tie ensembles with gusto, but David and Victoria Beckham make it work, even when he's playing "Sporty Spice" to her "Posh."
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Portia di Rossi and Ellen Degeneres always look at ease (not to mention smitten in each other's company) when they're out together. Not only does it seem that both have come into their own styles in recent years, but they also complement each other fabulously.
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Seal and Heidi Klum: year in and year out, perennial all-stars on best-dressed couples lists.
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Javier Bardem was recently named one of Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed individuals. We're hardly surprised, considering the lady in his life. Who wouldn't dress to impress Penelope Cruz?
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Joshua Jackson is the adorably-distracting class clown to Diane Kruger's statuesque prom queen. Together, they strike a balance that's pitch-perfect.
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Only the French could have former supermodel and singer Carla Bruni as their First Lady. While Bruni's style choices occupy much of the spotlight, her husband Nicholas Sarkozy is probably relieved to have the occasional breather from such heavy political scrutiny.
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Exuding style, grace, and a mutual infatuation that can't be suppressed, Barack and Michelle Obama.
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