“Thor 2” Getting Rewrite from “Saving Private Ryan” Writer Robert Rodat

"Thor 2" has now had two directors and two writers.

Robert Rodat, who earned an Oscar nomination for "Saving Private Ryan," has been hired to clean up the "Thor 2" script, reported Deadline.  Rodat will be working with a script originally written by Don Payne, who penned the first film, as well.

This shake-up comes on the heels of a game of musical director's chairs. In September, Patty Jenkins ("Monster," the pilot of "The Killing") was hired to helm the sequel, only to be fired two months later over concerns by Marvel that she lacked a cohesive vision for the project.

Jenkins' departure led to the hiring of Alan Taylor, one of the most talented and prolific TV directors of the past 15 years, whose recent experience on "Game of Thrones" makes him especially qualified for a film like "Thor 2."

Let's hope this is an end to the drama surrounding this film. We were pleasantly surprised by director Kenneth Branagh's first installment, and would love to see where the story can go without the constraints of having to tell the origin story.

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