The Secret Origin of Johnny Galecki's “Entourage” Alter Ego

“The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki’s the latest celebrity to take advantage of a extended guest spot on “Entourage” to create a complete jackass version of themselves and say all the naughty things they can’t usually get away with saying, right?

Not exactly. Take it away, Mr. Galecki:

“Initially, I didn't want to do that,” Galecki tells PopcornBiz. “And [‘Entourage’ producer/creator] Doug Ellin and I – as well as Kevin Connolly, too – we sat and talked about just playing on the idea that people don't really know much about me, personally, so we can basically create any sort of myth that we wanted.”

The myth they created? “That I would actually not have been from Chicago but from East LA and I have gang tattoos all over,” says Galecki. “And somehow that got lost in some of the drafts and I ended up playing, yes, a jackass version of myself. And it was a blast.”

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