The ‘Imposters' Return for Second Season

Season two of the Bravo scripted series "Imposters" premieres April 5 and picks up where season one left off, as Maddie and the Bumblers find themselves on different paths after pulling the ultimate con on the FBI.

The show, starring Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, Brian Bendon and Stephen Bishop, follows the lives of professional con-artist Maddie (Lavi) and her heart-broken victims Ezra (Heaps), Richard (Young) and Jules (Rendón).

Rendón, who plays Jules Langmore, says season two will mark a new level of growth and independence for her character, possibly unveiling more about her mysterious past.

"Jules has come a long way... we see her in season one maturing quite a bit and then in season two we get to learn a lot more of her backstory," Rendón said in an interview with NBC. "Most importantly, we see her striving for some kind of authenticity. We see her have some tensions with one of the boys about our relationships to the con and then later in the season we see her talents in shapeshifting."

The new season also brings new experiences for Rendón and her character as Jules moves on from her romantic relationship with Maddie.

"I think the romantic ship has sailed for Jules with Maddie, there's not really any new love personified for Jules, but she definitely falls in love with Mexico," Rendón said.

In order to bring Jules' passion for Mexico to life, Rendón had to brush up on her Spanish and Mexican art history. While she grew up in a Spanish speaking community and is part-Ecuadorian, the actress challenged herself to barely speak any English while filming in Mexico, study the work of historic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and listen to Mexican folk music constantly.

But what might stand out the most to fans is the relationship and strong bond Jules develops with the other Bumblers this season that will keep fans tuned in wanting more from the unique cast.

"You get to see the love that exists between her and the other bumblers and I think that relationship, that’s a platonic familial love between characters is pretty rare on television and I think that’s why people enjoy watching the Bumblers so much," Rendón said.

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