“The Eclipse” Opening: Great Movie, Very Confusing for Twilighters


The legion of "Twilight" fans are getting quite the jolt to see that  "The Eclipse" is actually opening in theaters today. How did that happen so fast? Actually, it's a bit of movie-scheduling confusion.

"The Eclipse" is an award-winning drama starring Aidan Quinn and Ciaran Hinds, while "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is opening on June 25.

"The confusion is unfortunate, but what are you going to do," Quinn tells Popcornbiz. "We were first!"

There is a clear upside for the less-publicized but excellent "The Eclipse." People looking for news on Robert Pattinson are coming across the movie by nearly the same name. Quinn hopes they follow through and see his movie.

"I daresay, this movie will turn out to be the better film," Quinn promises. "Hopefully it will generate more interest and more young folks will give the movie a chance."

"The Eclipse" does feature a love triangle with two guys fighting for a beautiful girl. But the just released film has a slightly more mature -- though every bit as sexy -- cast.

When Quinn was told that Twilighters would expect a little shirtless action, he volunteered his co-star.

"I'll leave that up to Ciaran."

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