Texas Trooper Ordered to Get Counseling for Posing With Snoop Dogg

The Texas Department of Public Safety ordered a state trooper to get counseling after he posed for a picture with Snoop Dogg, saying the photo "reflects poorly on the agency," according to documents made public Wednesday, NBC News reported. Sgt. Billy L. Spears was working at the South by Southwest festival in Austin when the rapper (full name Calvin Broadus Jr.) asked Spears to pose for the picture, which he then posted to his Instagram account, according to a letter from Spears attorney to the department. The department took issue with their appearance together because Broadus "has a well-known criminal background including numerous drug charges." But Spears' lawyer said Spears was unaware of Broadus' long rap sheet because, "believe it or not, some folks don't watch TMZ or read People Magazine."

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