Texas Student Raises Over $135K to Become Guardian of Baby Found in Trash

Jimmy Amisial said he rescued the infant in Haiti “without hesitation” after some believed the baby was cursed

Jimmy Amisial

A Texas student has raised over $135,000 in donations to support the adoption of his son, Emilio, whom he discovered abandoned as a baby while he was visiting his homeland, Haiti. 

Jimmy Amisial, 27, who attends Texas State University and travels to Haiti at least twice a year, said he was walking to an event in his home country in 2017 when a woman brought to his attention a baby left in a heap of trash. The baby, who was naked and covered in fire ants, cried loudly as others watched from afar. People were too afraid to touch him out of fear that the baby was cursed, Amisial said. That’s when he decided to rescue him.

“Without hesitation, I picked him up,” Amisial said, “and I went to my mom’s house with him.”

Since then, Amisial has worked to gain custody of Emilio, who resides with Amisial’s mom in Gonaives, Haiti. 

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