Terrence Howard Will Not Destroy the World After Losing “Iron Man”

Terrence Howard is not angry about losing his "Iron Man 2" part to Don Cheadle.

In fact he sounded pretty serene about it at the Cannes Film Festival and is clearly not planning some kind of twisted comic book revenge against the filmmakers.

"Despite the customary idea or thought that there's some controversy, it was a wonderful split and I know that they've done well," Howard told E! Online.

Howard played "Rhodey" in the 2008 original, but was replaced by Cheadle in the greatly expanded part for the sequel tearing through theaters now. Cheadle went to great pains

When the news broke of the switch in 2008, Howard told an NPR radio program that losing the part was "the surprise of a lifetime." But clearly things have mellowed. Cheadle reassured reporters at the press day for the sequel that there was no feud, "We're cool," he said. "Terrence is a friend whom I've known for a long time."

And when speaking in Cannes, Howard pointed out that maybe Cheadle just wanted it longer: "Don Cheadle wanted to play that part before I wanted to play it," he said, "so everything is very well."

He praised Robert Downey Jr. in the role, even if he took credit for bringing the actor to the part.

"Robert Downey Jr. was born to play that part," Howard said. "For me to have recommended him means all the more so that I helped someone get to where they were supposed to go."

As for whether he has seen the movie? "I haven't had a chance, but I will!"

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