Tat Trouble for “Hangover Part II”?

You'd think actually casting Mike Tyson in the first movie would have cleared Todd Philips and crew to make all the Tyson jokes they wanted, right?

Wrong. Apparently, they also need to get Iron Mike's tattoo artist on board.

S. Victor Whitmill (the "S" stands for "Savings"), the tat man who put the Maori-inspired design on Tyson's already terrifying face, is claiming he owns the copyright and didn't give his permission for Ed Helms' Dr. Stu to sport the exact same pattern.

After he threatened a lawsuit, Warner Bros. agreed to digitally alter the design when the movie hits DVD and Blu-ray if some agreement can't be worked out with Whitmill beforehand.

No word on whether Whitmill plans on sharing the "agreement" with the Maori people.

Oh, hey WB - if you're looking for new face tat suggestions, look no further.

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