Tarantino Wants Will Smith for “Django Unchained”

We wouldn't be surprised to learn that somewhere out there Anthony Mackie trashed a hotel room out of pure frustration.

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly courting Will Smith to star in his slave revenge saga, "Django Unchained," according to Heat Vision.

The film tells the story of an escaped slave who is mentored by a German, to be played by Christoph Waltz, in the fine art of bounty hunting, before heading out to reunite with his wife and take his revenge the evil plantation owner holding her.

Meanwhile, Tarantino is also considering Samuel L. Jackson for Monsieur Calvin Candie, the plantation owner's house slave.

When this project started gaining serious steam a week or so ago, we were thinking that this could be a great opportunity for Mackie to star in a major film. Frankly, we're shocked that Tarantino would go with such a safe and bland choice as Smith, who hasn't done in a film in three years, "Seven Pounds."

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