“Submarine” Trailer Surfaces

We were hoping to catch "Submarine" while were at Sundance, but the calendar didn't quite line up for us, so we're happy to see a trailer finally arrive.

Better still, it looks great--funny, smart, not too precious, a bit dark, a little weird. Here's the synopsis from the film's Facebook page:

(A)comedy which follows a 15-year old boy (Craig Roberts) with two objectives: to lose his virginity before his next birthday, and to stop his mother (Sally Hawkins) from leaving his father for a motivational speaker (Paddy Considine).

We do have to take issue with one thing, however. When they posted the trailer of the FB page, the only way to see it was to first "like" the page. Not cool--how the hell are we to form an opinion about it without at least watching the trailer?

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