Straight Answers from “Megamind’s” Will Ferrell? You’ve Got to Be Kidding

Will Ferrell, super pro.

It seems next to inevitable that at every press opportunity with an actor providing a voice for an animated character, some journalist tosses out the familiar softball: what’s it like being able to go to work in sweatpants, pajamas, no makeup, etc. Fortunately, we can count on Will Ferrell, the voice behind the titular supervillain-turned-world-saver in “Megamind” to provide a fresh insight into his process.

“I didn’t show up just in some T-shirt and sweats,” insists the comedian. “I had a three-piece suit on. I did full hair and make-up for every recording session, because I view myself as a professional.”

The actor, whose voice appears alongside those of Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill in the film, also verged into the TMI zone when describing the traits he has in common with Megamind.

“I have a lot of tight leather pants that I keep in a vault,” he says. “I don’t wear them, but I just keep them there. And there is a part of my body that I cannot go into detail on that is blue. That’s just like a genetic defect. That’s what I share with the character.”

And of course Ferrell’s kids must’ve been thrilled when Daddy asked what they thought of him becoming a cartoon character, right?
“My children were not consulted in this decision. Nor are they ever consulted about anything. They will speak when spoken to! It’s a very strict household.”

You were expecting straight answers from Will Ferrell? Seriously?

Okay, here’s one, still on the topic of his kids’ reaction:

“They’ve seen some of the advertisements and some of the trailers and stuff and I think they’re intrigued by the fact that I do the voice of this guy with the blue head. There’s one poster that has the Megamind baby that’s featured. My three-year-old is really fascinated with the Megamind baby.”

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