Steve Carell & Tina Fey Talk “Date Night” & Their Four-Minute Kiss

Without giving away the ending, Steve Carell and Tina Fey's "Date Night" closes with a four-and-a-half minute kiss – an embrace Steve called "pure heaven."

"That was on the second day of shooting," the actor told Access Hollywood at the New York premiere of his new film on Tuesday night. "Tina had the idea to have the longest kiss to roll over credits in history. We were talking to each other the whole time, we never broke the kiss but we were talking out of the sides of our mouths. 'Now, I'm going to lie down, follow me, right, get on top of me.'"

While Steve may have enjoyed the moment, Tina joked with Access that the scene "was not erotic at all."

The two comedians also had a difference of opinion on whether or not Tina was a diva on the set.

"Yes, now that I finally am on camera, I'm just going to say it, she's a horror show," Steve joked. "[No,] she lived up to every expectation that I had, and more."

"You know what it is, he doesn't understand what the word means," Tina said of the "diva" question. "He just thinks it means fancy."

While the two NBC stars may seem like a big-screen match made in heaven, Steve told Access that he didn't think his "The Office" would ever crossover with Tina's "30 Rock."

"Never will happen — ever," he said emphatically, joking it was the "worst idea." "I think they exist right next to each other perfectly. That would be a weird melding of worlds."

"Date Night" hits theaters on Friday.

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