Stephen King's Scary Movie Picks

The horror master is a sucker for "Titanic." What King movies float your boat?

Who knew Stephen King was such a sap?

The master of horror counts the romantic sobfest "Titanic" among the movies he can watch over and over.

“Go ahead, laugh. My heart will still go on,” he wrote in a recent piece for Entertainment Weekly, listing his 20 favorite repeat rentals.

King's lineup includes more surprises: He's a big John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd fan, enjoying multiple viewings of "The Blues Brothers" and Stephen Spielberg's underrated comedy "1941."

He's fond of "Dr. Strangelove" and "Saturday Night Fever," as well as the James Cagney classic "White Heat."

King’s horror roots show with "The Blair Witch Project," "Curse of the Demon" and "Cujo" – the only film based on one of his books to make the cut.

Which begs a question: Which Stephen King-inspired movies are worth of repeated viewing? Use the comments section below to tell us the films you take a shining to.

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