“South of the Border” Trailer Finds Oliver Stone Blowing Kisses to Hugo Chavez

Oliver Stone's career as a provocateur continues with the "South of the Border," his sympathetic portrait of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. The new trailer for the documentary dropped today. Ugh.

"This is a positive portrayal of a man who Americans do not have access to," Stone said recently, while promoting the film in Caracas. "He is demonized in the American and European press as a monster."

These are all true statements, but they miss the more important fact that Chavez espouses the ideology of Lenin, one of those worst man-beasts of the 20th century.

He kicks stations off the air for not running his messages; seizes control of foreign-owned businesses; called for a ban on Halloween, calling it "a game of terror"; called Playstation "poison"; and has a team of 200 managing his twitter account.

This is the point where Stone might point to the horrible, murderous things the U.S. has signed off on throughout Latin America -- often in the name of bananas.

When people like Pat Robertson call for his assassination, some people are tempted to think maybe the guy's made the right enemies. But that's an overcorrection. Chavez is a thug, and Stone is a clown for thinking otherwise.

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