‘SNL': Kenan Thompson Plays an Emotional R. Kelly as Idris Elba Hosts

Singer R. Kelly's emotional breakdown provided ample material for this week's 'Saturday Night Live'

To open this week’s "Saturday Night Live," Kenan Thompson turned in a performance as R. Kelly that reminded us why he is the longest serving cast member in "SNL" history.

Thompson was joined by Leslie Jones as interviewer Gayle King. The pair parodied embattled singer R. Kelly’s explosive interview earlier this week, mocking Kelly’s desperate pleas to be seen as innocent. Thompson repeatedly asks to be called ‘victim’ instead of his name.

English actor Idris Elba hosted the night’s show and delivered a monologue that explained how he got his start in New York City.

Elba, who is rumored to be the next actor to portray James Bond, spoke of his humble beginnings as a doorman at a comedy club. Before Elba got his start in acting on HBO’s hit show "The Wire," he joked that his English accent disqualified him from playing American parts.

"Weekend Update" hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che were joined by Pete Davidson for his takes on the R. Kelly situation. Davidson, using his typical dark comedy, poked fun at the hypocrisy of those who vilify Kelly but do not apply the same standards to artists they like.

Davidson is likely the most well-known cast member at the moment due to his somewhat chaotic dating life. Quizzed by Jost on his new girlfriend, British actress Kate Beckinsale, Davidson named a plethora of other public figures who have a wide age difference with their significant others.

Texas singer Khalid performed his song "Talk" for his "Saturday Night Live" debut. "Talk" is one of Khalid’s newest songs, being released in early February 2019.

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