See photos of the boxes of classified documents at the heart of Donald Trump's 2nd indictment

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United States District Court
Stacks of boxes containing hundreds of classified documents, seen in Mar-a-Lago’s White and Gold Ballroom between January to March 15, 2021. Some of the boxes were moved to the estate’s business center on March.
United States District Court
The stacks were allegedly moved from the business center to the estate’s Lake Room bathroom and shower in April 2021.
United States District Court
Stacks of boxes allegedly containing classified documents are seen in Mar-a-Lago’s ground floor storage room, having been moved from the Lake Room on June 24, 2021.
United States District Court
The storage room was allegedly unsecured – it was accessible via a hallway connected to multiple entrances, including the Mar-a-Lago Club pool patio, according to the indictment.
United States District Court
Some of the boxes in the storage room had fallen and spilled on the floor, including a document classified only for Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States intelligence.
United States District Court
Stacks of boxes seen in the Mar-a-Lago ground floor storage room. According to the indictment, a second location had more boxes of documents in Pine Hall, an entry room in Trump’s resident.
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