Scoop: Victoria Beckham's “I Can't Act” Admission

"Posh" cops to a horrific performance in "Spice World"

Victoria Beckham’s ‘I can’t act’ admission
In a refreshing display of honesty, Victoria Beckham admitted to British press that she’s not going to be up for an Oscar any time soon.

“I can’t act; you should see ‘Spice World,’ I'm so crap!’ she reportedly told Metro Online.

She also says that she’s done with music. “I'm not going to do any more music. We were so successful and it was great being in the band ... We sold 50 million albums. It was fantastic. It was an amazing rollercoaster journey ... I can't do that anymore.”

Apparently quitting the music business and judging those hoping to enter into it aren’t mutually exclusive. Beckham recently filled in for Paula Abdul during the first weekend of judged “American Idol” auditions.

Kate’s hurt by Jon’s new relationships

Kate Gosselin admitted that she is hurt by the relationship her soon-to-be-ex husband Jon has with other women, especially if it could impact the couple’s kids.

“It is hurtful. Very hurtful. To be very honest, the most hurtful part is when his decisions directly affect our children. That's the hardest part for me,” she told the TODAY show.

Jon is currently dating Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, and if he took what Kate said to heart, he isn’t showing it.

“Jon feels like he’s missed out on a lot up until now — he doesn’t blame Kate or the kids, he just wants to be himself and follow his own path for now,” said a family friend.

Just days before Kate’s TODAY interview, Life & Style caught up with Jon, spotting him during a night out at the Hudson Water Club in West Haverstraw, N.Y. The magazine reports that he was with Glassman, and that the two “were affectionate with each other,” according to a witness who also observed, “they were hugging and dancing and having a really good time.” 

Keeping tabs: People turns to Pitt
This week, People magazine not only touts a sort-of exclusive with Brad Pitt (People uses the phrase “opens up to” on its cover, which usually doesn’t mean the same as “exclusive”) but they also run an less-than-beautiful picture of him. The normal-person treatment of the hunky celeb is bound to do well on stands.

Also, Star magazine dipped into politics with its cover claiming that Sarah Palin is considering divorce, and it might do OK. However, Palin’s got a substantial fan base who doesn’t want to believe that the woman who can juggle it all is tossing one ball to the side. First rule of thumb when it comes to sales: People don't want to believe they're deceived by those they put up on a pedestal. Palin fans are more likely to walk away than buy the magazine.

Us Weekly is going to have to depend on more than their cover image to sell newsstand copies based on their cover image. Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of “The Bachelorette,” but a profile of Ed Swiderski with his eyes closed, and Jillian Harris posed in an unflattering over-grin? That’s the best photo to depict the headline, “How He Tricked Her”? I, for one, am missing former editor in chief Janice Min, right about now.

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