Scoop: Jesse James Hopes Bullock Can Forgive

While Sandra Bullock keeps a low profile, her husband Jesse James is trying to maintain some normalcy, hoping he and Bullock can get past the recent allegations that he cheated on her with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

“He’s clearly upset about what happened, and not everything that’s out there is true,” said one source close to the couple.

According to the source, James has yet to talk to people close to him about which details are and aren’t true, but “he is extremely upset. He really hopes Sandy can find a way to forgive him.”

James was back at work at his West Coast Choppers motorcycle business on Saturday (People reports that business is actually up since news of the scandal broke), and was wearing his wedding ring.

Bullock has yet to be photographed since the scandal broke.

Rosie desperate to be back on TV
Rosie O’Donnell has teamed up with two veteran television execs to help pitch a daytime talk show, but according to several sources, this isn’t her first attempt to get back on television.

“She’s been pitching herself pretty solidly for the past year, taking meetings and trying to get some sort of show put together,” said one source who spoke with O’Donnell’s team in recent months. “She’s been trying hard to get something put together, but it’s a tough sell.”

Why? For one thing, O’Donnell’s burned a lot of bridges.

“She’s not coming forward with an idea that is solid enough to put the big execs’ minds to rest — she doesn’t have a reputation for being easy to work with, and no one wants a headache on their hands — especially an expensive headache,” said another source. “She might be gunning for the Oprah timeslot, but news flash: when Oprah leaves, people are hoping to save money. Not spend a lot on a big risk.”

‘Alice’ three-peats at the box office
As predicted, “Alice in Wonderland” stayed atop the box office this weekend. The film took in another $34.5 million, bringing its three-week total to an impressive $265.4 million.

The box office surprise, for some, was the weekend’s No. 2, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Why it came as a surprise to many industry analysts that a heavily promoted film based on a fantastically popular kids series did so well is beyond me.

And apparently, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler’s collective physical traits are not enough to get people to buy tickets these days. Their film, “The Bounty Hunter,” came in No. 3, and made only $20.5 million.

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