Schwarzenegger and Stallone Entering “The Tomb”

Former Planet Hollywood co-founders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone collaborated briefly in 2010 for the surprise hit "The Expendables." Now that Arnold is now longer governor, they've made a more serious commitment to each other.

Schwarzenegger and Stallone are officially on for "The Tomb," reported Deadline. Stallone will play a man who designs a maximum security prison, and is then set up for a crime he did not commit and is sent to his own prison, from which he then plans to escape--essentially pitting himself in a battle fo wits against himself. Schwarzenegger will play a fellow inmate.

"The Tomb" is being directed by Mikael Hafstrom, best known for the horror thrillers "1408" and "The Rite." Hafstrom will be working with a script from originally written by Miles Chapman ("Road House 2") that was subsequently re-written by Jason Keller ("Machine Gun Preacher," "Mirror, Mirror").

This of course will come after the macho men are fully recovered from their respective shoulder surgeries.

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