“Sarah Connor Chronicles” Gets Terminated

They'll be back?

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Perhaps the world can only handle so many Terminators.

Just as the long awaited movie "Terminator Salvation" is due to be released, Fox officially announced today that "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is being canceled after two seasons.

The show's twisted time-line (compared to the "Terminator" movies it was technically in an alternate chronology) may now never be resolved, and geeks all over the country will have to find a new super-babe to drool over with the loss of helper robot Summer Glau, a Terminatrix named Cameron.

Fox Broadcasting unveiled their full fall schedule today, which also includes a spin-off show for "Family Guy's" Cleveland Brown, and "Brothers" a sit-com starring former New York Giant and future Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan as a retired NFL star who returns to his hometown to help his brother run the family restaurant.

The much-hyped "Glee," will also take a prime place in the Fox's line up with Matthew Morrison as an optimistic teacher who tries to reinvent a high school's glee club and challenges a group of outcasts to realize their star potential. The show will be auditioned in the coveted spot behind "American Idol" at 9 p.m. this Tuesday.

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