Sandra Bullock: “The Career Will Have to Wait a Bit”

Buried in the media frenzy that is Sandra Bullock's interview in People magazine is a section about her career which reached new heights with her Oscar win -- just before her husband's infidelity scandal sent the star reeling.

Bullock, filing for divorce from Jesse James and with a new adopted boy, tells the magazine that the movie career is on pause.

"The career will have to wait for a bit," she said.

Pre-Oscar Bullock was talking about how her award buzz for "The Blind Side" had blessedly prolonged her career. But she's stepping back due to motherhood and the glare of the unwanted media attention.

"I don't want to step into that world until I can find what room I left my armor in. You need tough skin to be in this business. I don't have tough skin right now and I don't want it."

Instead Bullock will let the furor die as she focuses on being a mother.

Her near future plans include: "Telling everyone I meet about the most beautiful man I know (infant Louis Bullock), including his poop schedule."

"I have no plans other than what is happening right now. I can't control anything other than what is right under my nose and that needs my attention right now."

Now that the word of her adoption is out there, "I might know what it is like to be like other mamas who are proud to show the world their son."

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