Driver of Submerged Car Was “Going for a Swim”: Witness

Moments after a car landed in the water near the San Diego Yacht Club, the driver walked away from the vehicle saying he “was going for a swim,” according to a witness.

Harbor Police and San Diego Fire-Rescue responded to Anchorage Lane near Shelter Island Drive around 3 a.m. Monday after someone reported a vehicle submerged in the water.

Skip Rickon was watching “Dateline” on his boat near the San Diego Yacht Club when he felt a big rumble and heard a big splash. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw next.

“That was shocking to watch a car go down like that,” Rickon said.

A vehicle he described as a Lexus SUV was in the water about 15 feet from the dock for only approximately 30 to 45 seconds.

“All of a sudden it just went down,” Rickon said.

Not knowing if there was a driver inside, he considered jumping in but was concerned about getting sucked under by the force of the vehicle being submerged.

“I had heard these things will suck you down if you get in the water next to it,” he explained.

While calling 911 for help, he and his girlfriend spotted the driver walking down the dock. That’s when they say the driver told them he “was going for a swim,” Rickon said.

No damage was done to the ramp or boats docked there.

“He did a good job driving in there without damaging anything,” Rickon said.

Divers went into the vehicle to check for any other victims and found no one inside.

Harbor Police say they are investigating how the car landed in the bay.

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