Russell Unveils Branded Films, to Hold Court in WB Water Tank

You may hate him, but Russell Brand is an unquestionably talented guy. Unfortunately, his career as a leading man has not lived up to his supporting work or his stand-up. And yet, Warner Brothers has given him a first-look development deal to ensure they have dibs on his work.

Here's the announcement Brand penned for Deadline:

"We at the newly founded Branded Films are very excited to announce our new company and the opportunity for puns that it affords us. Russell Brand and Nik Linnen have coerced Beau Bauman into running our company. Our offices will be on the lot, our sincere hope is that we'll be in that water tower in which some of the Looney Tunes also live. For this we will expect a reduced rent. If you have any film ideas, send them to: Beau Bauman, the water tower, Warner Bros, Hollywood, America (care of E Fudd). We particularly welcome ideas that could feature a long-haired actor with an unintelligible accent (Rasputin/Tarzan/British Jesus). That's all folks."

Brand broke through to a broad American audience with his brilliant turn as Aldous Snow, the sex-crazed, drug-fueled rocker who stole Kristen Bell from Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Since then he's tried to move to center stage, starring with Jonah Hill in a "Forgetting" spin-off, "Get Him to the Greek," a film that was loaded with great moments, but had a disastrous third act.

After doing voice-work for "Despicable Me" and "Hop," as well as working on Julie Taymor's adaptation of "The Tempest," Brand starred in a remake of "Arthur," that was saved only by the charm and star power of Great Gerwig. As with "Greek," one of "Arthur"'s major problems was Brand following in the footsteps of too many funnymen, by trying to go dramatic. As we've said in the past, we thin it's great that Brand is sober and settled down, but watching him get there on film is not fun.

Here's hoping he gets back to his hedonistic roots--on film, that is.

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