Russell Brand Begs Forgiveness from God, Katy Perry

Twitpic - Russell Brand

Even Russell Brand knows you don't want to mess around too much with the man upstairs (or your wife).

So the insane British actor took to Twitter to apologize to both God and Katy Perry for shooting the drunken church scene in the remake of "Arthur."

"I'm doing a pretend wedding in a real church while acting drunk," he tweeted. "Forgive me, Lord."

Then he sent the Tweet to Katy Perry. While God is not a known Twitter user, Katy Perry is. "RUSSELL EDWARD BRAND!" she replied in all caps. You know it's not a good thing when they use the whole name.

Brand seems to be having a grand old time in the remake of the classic movie which features Helen Mirren in the role of his nanny and Jennifer Garner as the fiance for the wayward man-boy. He's been spotted around town in a full-blown Batman outfit. And he had some fun in the back of St. Bart's Church in Manhattan  -- sending out the photo of himself mugging in the priest attire.

He wrote of this: "My time in the church has made me consider my future." While a career change to the priesthood is unlikely, we can guarantee some laughs in Arthur.

Brand was spotted stumbling out of the church in nothing but blue and purple underwear and socks. God is not going to be happy about all of this.

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