Robert Pattinson as Kurt Cobain? Nevermind

The film world has been abuzz with news from England that Robert Pattinson had signed on to star as Kurt Cobain in a bio-pic about the grunge rocker's life.

When word comes from the UK's largest newspaper -- even if it's a tabloid like The Sun -- people tend to take notice. The picture the newspaper provided -- an inspired interpretation of what Pattinson would look like as the rocker -- didn't hurt. But a flurry of follow-ups have knocked down some of the heady optimism of the report.

"It sounds like a lot of air," a source close to the actual movie tells PopcornBiz. "We don't even have a script yet, much less even thought about casting this."

The article states that Cobain's widow Courtney Love was insistent on nabbing Pattinson for the part and that she wanted Scarlett Johanssen to play herself.

"That's an amazing story, and the first I've heard of any of this," Love's manager Jonathan Daniel tells "They manage to fit pretty much everyone in Hollywood into an article without one fact check and include a 'My First Photoshop' job as a 'mock up' to boot!"

And with regard to the purported casting: "Courtney likes Scarlett Johanssen as an actress and as a person, so it wouldn't surprise me if she wanted her to play her," Daniel says. "I'm not sure she knows who R Patz is, but he sure is cute."

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