Real Estate Consultant Buys Lingerie, Salon Services with Nuns’ Money


A group of nuns, attempting to retire in the San Diego area, were ripped off by their real estate agent.

According to court papers, the real estate consultant stole more than $250,000 from the sisters and used it to buy pricey lingerie and lease a sports car, among other things.

On Tuesday, Orange County real estate consultant Linda Gagnon was found guilty of defrauding the U.S. Province of the Religious of Jesus and Mary.

Court records indicate the sisters gave Gagnon $285,000 to bid at auction on a house in Otay Mesa. The U.S. Attorney said Gagnon didn't go to the auction and instead spent the money in 64 days on herself.

Gagnon leased an Audi TT sports car, bought nearly $500 of lingerie from Chadwick's of London, hired a pet sitter and visited the nail salon, the court papers allege. She also went shopping at Nordstrom and paid off company debts.

Not only did they lose that $285,000, but court records indicate had Gagnon done what she promised, they could have gotten the house for $70,000 less than that.

The nuns turned down an on-camera interview, but Provincial Superior Sister Eileen Reid issued this statement: 

Although we are certain that a just result was achieved, we are deeply saddened by Ms. Gagnon's conduct and by the serious financial loss to our province. We hope that Ms. Gagnon will receive the help that she needs to move her life in a positive and productive direction.

Gagnon is scheduled to be sentenced in February. She faces a maximum penalty is 60 years in prison.

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