Rare Hissing Mushroom Known as ‘Devil's Cigar' Spotted in Texas Park

The mushroom, also known as the 'Texas Star,' is one of the rarest mushrooms in the world and was designated as the state mushroom of Texas in 2021.

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A rare star-shaped mushroom has been spotted at a Texas park.

The fungus, known by the Latin name Chorioactis geaster, was discovered along a trail in Inks Lake State Park, Texas Parks and Wildlife shared in a Facebook post.

Texas officially designated Chorioactis geaster as the state's mushroom in June 2021, making it the third state to declare an official mushroom, following Minnesota and Oregon.

During the late fall season, the fungus pops up as a fuzzy, dark brown capsule about three to four inches in length, inspiring its nickname “Devil’s Cigar.”

“It is said that when the devil’s cigar unfurls, it releases a strange hissing noise and hazy cloud of spores,” park officials said.

As the fungus matures and splits open, it forms a brightly-colored star, giving it another one of its nicknames, "Texas star," and making it the perfect state fungus of the Lone Star State.

But the distribution of the mushrooms often puzzles scientists. Aside from Texas, the mushroom has been sighted in parts of Oklahoma and around Kyushu, Japan.

Scientists say only a few hundred people have likely seen the rare mushroom.

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