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In Puerto Rico, ‘the Hospitals Are Still in Crisis'

San Juan's hospitals are struggling, yet faring far better than those in less populated areas

It's been two weeks since Hurricane Maria raked Puerto Rico, but the island's doctors and nurses remain in nonstop triage in hospitals dealing with power outages, evacuations, dwindling supplies and nearby crime, NBC News reported.

"The hospitals are still in crisis," said Dr. Ubaldo Santiago, who directs emergency services at several San Juan hospitals and clinics. "Many are still working on generators. It's tough, and the doctors are giving their maximum."

And San Juan's hospitals are faring far better than those in less populated areas, Santiago said: "What you are seeing around here, it's heaven compared to some people in the inland, in the mountains."

Hurricane Maria exacerbated old problems for Puerto Rico's health care system. A longstanding economic crisis had doctors already stretched thin.

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