Posterize: “My Week With Marilyn,” “Hunger Games” & More

"Hunger Games"!

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My Week With Marilyn<br>This might be the best photo yet of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe from this film about the sex symbol's dalliance with a young assistant while in London shooting a film with Laurence Olivier. Opens Nov. 18, <a href="/blogs/popcornbiz/My-Week-With-Marilyn-Trailer-Kicks-Off-the-Michelle-Williams-Oscar-Watch-131214234.html"target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
Contraband<br>nMark Wahlberg stars in this remake of an Icelandic thriller about an ex-smuggler who gets sucked back into the life for one last job to help his family out of a jam—tough break, man. Opens Jan. 13, <a href=""target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
The Vow<br>nChanning Tatum stars as a man who must woo his wife , Rachel McAdams, all over again after she loses her memory in a terrible car accident. We had totally forgotten about this one, probably will again. Opens Feb. 14, <a href="/video/#!/blogs/popcornbiz/trailers/The-Vow/123224173"target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
We Need to Talk About Kevin<br>nDirector Lynne Ramsay's film starring Tilda Swinton as a mother trying to come to grips with her hatred for her sociopathic son has been earning raves. Opens Dec. 2, <a href="/video/#!/blogs/popcornbiz/trailers/We-Need-to-Talk-About-Kevin/132694623"target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
New Year's Eve<br>nThis poster does a great job of focusing on its prime draw—the list of more than a dozen celebrities that star in it. Opens Dec. 9, <a href="/blogs/popcornbiz/Trailer-Park-New-Years-Eve-130732148.html"target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
Ice Age 4<br>nManny, Diego, and Sid Set sail on an ice floe for new adventures, while Scrat comes face-to-face yet again with his notorious acorn. Opens July 13, <a href=""target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
The Hunger Games<br>nJennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, the heroine of this franchise based on the series of novels set in a distant future where kids must go to war to fight for their tribes' survival. Hope eight character posters is enough for you. Opens March 23.
Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked<br>nAlvin, Simon and Theodore take their lady friend, The Chipettes, on a cruise, but their shenanigans get out of hand, causing the boat to become shipwrecked. Their agents all demanded they each get their own poster. Opens Dec. 16, <a href=""target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
ParaNorman<br>nFrom the folks who made "Coraline" comes this story of a boy who must use his ability to speak with the dead to combat an ancient curse that threatens his hometown. Opens Aug. 17, <a href="/blogs/popcornbiz/ParaNorman-Trailer-Would-Be-Great-Even-Without-Donovans-Season-of-the-Witch-132917083.html"target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
Into the Abyss<br>nDirector Werner Herzog's latest documentary focuses on what drives people to commit murder and what makes the state think it's OK to kill them for doing so. <a href="/video/#!/blogs/popcornbiz/trailers/Into-the-Abyss/132693943"target="_blank">Watch the trailer</a>
Madison County<br>nIt looks like a generic kids lost in the woods slasher flick, but for some reason the poster makes us laugh, and we admire their moxie for claiming the film is based on a true story.
The Innkeepers<br>nWith the Yankee Pedlar Inn on the verge of being shuttered, two employees are determined to prove once and for all that it's haunted, as a number of strange guests begin to check in during the hotels final days. Opens March 12, <a href=""target="_blank">watch the trailer</a>
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